Global Management of EPoS Solutions 




Manage your company with ICG global solutions. Scalable and adapted to each business type and size. Icg products and devices cover all Restaurant requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases the benefits of the establishments.


With the ERP software ICGManager:


ICGManager software for companies is the ideal solution to help you to manage, to organise and to control your company reliably and safely that speeds up the tasks, improves the invocing and financials procedures and reduces costs.

All the data in one place

Receive in real time all sales and cash closings of each point of sale. Update centrally items, pricing, promotions, user profiles, ... define offer strategies, promotions and customer loyalty. Manage and control the items supply from the headquarter to branches.

Streamline sales processes

Establish sale rates through the creation wizard and rates maintenance, period offers, promotions and special conditions by client. Create sale quotations and control the status of it: accepted, rejected, …. Do the tracking of all the documents associated to the complete cycle of a sale (budget, order, delivery note, invoice, collection, accounting, …). Automate invoicing of delivery notes procedures and periodic fees.

Supervise your customer management

Register all the company activities related with a client: calls, visits, trade agreements. With ICGManager design and schedule commercial actions of the sales team and do the tracking of their sales, manage commissions, etc...

Launch marketing campaigns through SMS and emails

Send massively SMS and emails to your clients to promote the marketing campaign and strengthen the commercial actions, allowing to do custom actions to clients by segments, by geographic areas, with or without sales, etc. Inform your clients their accumulated points to redeem by discounts in the establishment. Generate coupons and associate promotions to the selected clients.

Optimize the procurement process

Optimize the procurement process through automatic purchase orders generation depending on the stock level and delivery times and manage delivery and the automatic balancing of stock between warehouses.

At the time of reception you may validate the received items against the order, print labels with barcodes and locate them in the warehouse.

Plan stock inventories

Make total or partial or by zone inventories. Plan future inventories through the definition of the date and the items to count and do adjustments with automatic transfers to waste of the indicated units. Check the status of the inventory: counting, processed or regularized. Analyse the information of all the items in the inventory and without stock as well as the percentage that represent the differences found between the counted units and calculated.

Check the item traceability

Generate serial numbers and item batch automatically during the manufacturing process and insert them in the purchase procedure in automatic way through the reading of a barcode. Manage the traceability of the serial numbers and batches monitoring any moment from the product is being manufactured, is being purchased or is being sold.

Administrate pending collections and payments

Settle easily accounting entries and bank balances and issue collections or payments remittances with the banking regulations. Define the credit limit by client and track the pending collections and payments. Print collection letters, cheques and promissory notes. Do the bank consolidation automatically through the import of bank files.

Streamline your accounting processes

The accounting module of ICGManager allows the total integration in real time of the invoicing and the financial with the accounting. Browse through the accounts extract and documents, get the needed information for the tax settlement and visualize the form of VAT declaration, models 303 and 390. Analyse the balance sheets and extracts by cost center. Manage easily tangible fixed assets of the company with the automatic generation of accounting entries of depreciation.

You can complete your needs with the following solutions:

Control all warehouse processes with StockManager

Receive the goods delivered by the supplier, manage and control all warehouse processes, purchase orders, purchase order reception and transfers between warehouses through Android mobile devices with the StockManager solution. Make inventories for stock control and improve employees productivity and logistics.


Create your online shop

Post and keep the catalog of items with ICGCommerce 3.0. Reach thousands of new clients online easily and smoothly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Receive purchase orders in real time.

Send invoices electronically to your clients with ICGDocs

Automatically generate and send documents and electronic invoices to your customers saving costs in managing, optimizing processes, resources and helping the conservation of the environment. Have your own billing web portal with personalized access for each client.


Schedules, shifts and working days with ICGPlanner.

Control staff presence and absence. Set schedules, shifts and working days. Check information about punctuality, absence, vacation and sick leave.

Smartphone, tablet y portatil funcionando con ICG Analytics

Receive and analyze your business data in real time with ICGAnalytics

Navigate through your business information from any place and device with a single click. Through KPI, tables, graphics, and cubes you may compile, analyse and transform the information necessary for decisions making in real time. Connected to ICGManager databases the information is shown fast and without delay. Available in desktop format and also native app for Android and iOS.


We offer you global solutions to manage establishments in different countries, with different languages, currencies and taxation systems.



Manage hundreds or thousands of retail establishments both own and franchised with high security and reliability. Access all your company information centrally in real time.

Chains and franchises

Manage retail establishments both own and franchised with efficiency and immediate access to all company information in real time.

Establishment administration

Manage your establishment with the minimum effort. Perform all the functions at the point of sale easly, agile and intuitive with graphic screens. Control sales, stocks and daily cash closings