Solutions for Hospitality, Cafes and Restaurants




Manage your Restaurant with ICG FrontRest. Scalable and adapted to each business type and size, ICG software & devices cover all Restaurant requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimises resources and increases the benefits of the establishments. 

Optimise sale process

Control the staff presence with fingerprints and audit all transactions by user. Help the waiter to register the order proposing modifiers (rare, well done, no salt, etc...). Collect sales quickly in cash, credit card or voucher. Split a sale easily, keep the menu of the day simply...

Hospitality EPOS

Room and table occupancy management

Design different rooms of your establishment simply with different type of tables and bars. You may leave a sale on hold by table, by waiter or by client to be able to attend another table or sale. Administrate graphically both the table occupancy and the status. Manage the dishes to serve and print subtotals. Change, join and divide tables easily.

Add composition of items into ICG FrontRest for accurate cost controls

Develop manufacturing datasheet and recipe breakdown

Define each dish composition to manage costs and control the stock of raw materials. Define the sale price of each item according to the production cost.

Manage your stock through the Android powered module, ICG Stock Manager

Manage effectively aspects of warehousing

Calculate consumptions of the elaborated dishes, formats, modifiers and items rotation by day of the week to calculate the sale forecasts.

Instantly know the replacement needs. Generate and send automatically purchase orders to your suppliers by email.

Add multiple loyalty schemes to promote and manage your customer base

Customer Loyalty

Increase your income and loyal customers with different card types (prepaid, VIP, points) and propose them multitude of offers and promotions that are applied directly without employee intervention.

Allow customers to book online from reservations through to choosing a meal through ICG Portalrest

Receive online reservations

With the reservation module make easier to your customers to book a table 24 hours a day from your website, Facebook profile, from any place and device.
Allow customers to book online from reservations through to choosing a meal through ICG Portalrest

Online Orders

Offer to your customers sales services such as delivery and take away with the online order module. Clients may access the establishment's menu, place the order, select if they want to take away or to delivery and pay in credit card from the smartphone.

You may complete your needs with the following solutions:

Add tabet ordering using any Android device

Take orders from tables with TeleComanda

Improve customer service by optimizing the service in terraces, tables and rooms. Increase the tables rotation and reduce service times with TeleComanda. Send orders instantly to the kitchen screens or printers installed in a different production order. Collect the sale directly from the tables even with a credit card connecting a wireless pinpad.
Manage orders from cooking and processing, through to dispatch

Manage orders in kitchen with HioScreen

Speed up your customer service with HioScreen kitchen screens to display all dishes to be prepared and served as well as the time lapsed from the request. Thanks to the different ways of visualizing orders you can manage the status of the dish with a screen and organize the elaboration of the dishes in each area with a situation screen (cold dishes, grill ...).

Add self service machines to busy outlets

Show the menu at the entrance of your establishment with eRest

Display your menu with the eRest multi-language interactive e-menu. Reach new customers displaying the menu in different languages with photos and descriptions of the dishes, ingredient information, allergens, calories and sale prices.

With the ERP software ICGManager
By using ICG Manager, you can monitor multiple branches at a click of a button

Centralise all your establishments information and sales

Receive in real time all sales and cash closings of each point of sale. Update centrally items, pricing, promotions, user profiles, ... define offer strategies, promotions and customer loyalty. Manage and control the items supply and raw materials from the headquarter to branches.

Manage finance and accounting

Improve finance and accounting processes. Quantify easily all establishments cash counts. Trace and control collections and pending payments, coordinate simply book entries and account balances. Issue payment and collection remittances with the corresponding bank regulations. Integrate accounting with billing and treasury on real time.

    Schedules, shifts and working days with ICGPlanner.

Control staff presence and absence. Set schedules, shifts and working days. Check information about punctuality, absence, vacation and sick leave.

Receive and analyze your business data in real time with ICGAnalytics

Navigate through your business information from any place and device with a single click. Through KPI, tables, graphics, and cubes you may compile, analyse and transform the information necessary for decisions making in real time. Connected to ICGManager, FrontRest, FrontRetail or FrontHOtel databases the information is shown fast and without delay. Available in desktop format and also native app for Android and iOS.

ICG Analytics