Software & Hardware

Our specialist Epos software from ICG Software is suitable for any business, whether it be a startup or a medium sized family chain. ICG Software has been serving customers for over 30 years, which has resulted in a product that can be fine tuned for each and every installation.

The main variants of ICG Epos are FrontRetail, FrontRest, FrontHotel & ICG Manager.   

FrontRetail consists of any retail operation, often consisting of stockable items from cash & carrys through to fashion retailers. ICG have recently launched a new add-on product, ICG Stock Manager, allowing you to manage your stock, receive & send out items from any android device. For any fresh food operations, ICG can work with various types of scales to ensure that all data is accurately recorded and sold. For salesmen on the move, there is ICG AutoVenta which allows users to carry out sales out of the office over a data connection, as well as the office managing the route to deliver to those customers.

FrontRest can be anything from a small cafe, through to large restaurants with or without table service, through to nightclubs & bars. ICG was one of the first companies to have tablet ordering for waiting staff, which is now such a common feature in many establishments. Additional add-ons include, online ordering through an app, kitchen & order screens & eMenus.

FrontHotel is a fantastic product for any small to large hotel, that can be combined with FrontRest so that meals and drinks can be billed to a room and FrontRetail if you have a shop on site. FrontRest can be combined with the room server app for added convenience to the guests.

All of these can be controlled via the back office in the very powerful ICG Manager, where you can manager anything from Purchases, stocks, loyalty points, sellers, price changes, mix & match, statistics, inventory, etc, as well as linking to third party eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Groupon, etc. All of the software is designed to be scaleable so that you can add additional functionality as your company grows.

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Ecommerce Hosting with 'Small Business Boost' Website Integration

We now offer full website packages to make it affordable for even the smallest of companies to be able to afford to get online. This linked with our eCommerce Integration software ICG2WEB allows you to create a much bigger footprint with an online store, managed through the Epos system.

HMRC Making Tax Digital

As part of HMRC's guidelines in Making Tax Digital, our software can link directly to cloud accounting software packages, sending the data on a nightly basis. Please contact us for more details.

Support & Remote Assistance

If you have an issue or need help, give us a call and we will connect to your computer or till within a matter of minutes. We know how important it is for retailers to have working systems, which is why we ensure that a non functioning till that could impact the trade of a business is our highest priority call. Obviously all calls are important but if you can't trade we know how frustrating that is. 

To receive instant support and if you do not yet have the remote support software, download it here


If you have any questions regarding what Epos solution might be suitable for you, then feel free to have a chat with one of our dedicated friendly technicians who will be able to advise and assist you.