Is your till system or more commonly known, ‘EPOS system’ working for your business? With so many EPOS systems on the market, how can you decide what setup is right for you? The main question you need to ask yourself is what do you want it to do. It may seem fairly obvious, but so many EPOS systems are bought just to take ‘the sale’, with no further thought on the advanced feature sets that are available on the more established EPOS brands. Your EPOS system should be the ‘nuts and bolts’ of your business, be your most valued asset, have control of your business and be almost like your virtual employee. Don’t let your business performance slip under the radar. There are challenging times ahead, but by investing in a high quality EPOS system you will help secure the future of your business.

We will continue to look at the five main areas of EPOS that will shape your business and will make a significant difference between success and failure:

  • Control – You need to be certain that your EPOS system will continue to manage the business, even when you are not there. EPOS systems often fail short of the mark when it comes to permissions and options that each of the users or sellers have. The more options you can specify per user, the greater control. Audit logs and a multitude of sales and item reports that are available at a click of a button will make a huge difference to managing the activities of the business.


  • Visibility – Using the control of the reports, will give you the visibility of how the business is performing. Can you for example in 10 seconds find out how many teas and the value were sold in October? Imagine you sold 1500 teas. By increasing the price by just 15p, would return an extra £225. What stock is shifting well and what’s not selling. How often are customers returning? How much are your loyalty customers spending compared to last year.

Visibility and Control are two critical areas that require minimal effort but when accessed and used regularly give significant results in managing the business regardless of whether you have one or several stores.

  • Flexibility – Every EPOS solution we install is different, because the solution we give to our customers is tailor made and configured for their setup and operations. Every business is different which makes them successful on their own merits, so we believe that their EPOS setup needs to reflect this. From how sellers log on or clock in, to how items are displayed? How discounts are applied, and vouchers generated/redeemed there is an option that will work for you. Don’t be forced into a corner to operate the way that your EPOS system tells you to work. It’s your business and you should operate it the way you want to.


  • Functionality – Reporting is one key area that is so important, but there are so many others. Online integration is a must for any retailer to boost sales for minimal effort. You should only have to put an item on the system once, which populates to the EPOS and Online as well as give live stock information. CHIP and PIN card reader integration prevents costly mistakes and should be used where possible. It is an industry standard now for restaurants and cafes to have a tablet to take orders on, something that we have been supporting for over ten years. With smart phones and devices so readily available, there is a shift in developing apps that can be used in conjunction with your EPOS system to act as temporary ‘tills’ during peak periods, or for events or mobile sellers. Other functionality may include the ability to perform stock takes, receive purchase orders, pick a web sales order. If the vision of your business is to grow, then choose an EPOS system that works for your vision. It may be that you have a small retail shop that does a little bit online, but if you have a system to support this growth without having to change anything, then it’s worth investing without the need for change.


  • Ownership – While cloud EPOS systems have made huge advances in recent years it has also caused many problems for some business owners who often feel trapped into a contract. This is especially apparent where the EPOS data is not theirs to own, or if some or all of the points above are not being delivered in their ‘promised’ EPOS system. With the advances in technology, solid state drives (SSD) and fanless EPOS systems have increased reliability negating the essential need for Cloud Based EPOS.


To summarise, if you have a business and you’re not getting everything you should out of your EPOS system, then maybe it’s time to change. We at Breckland Retail Services work with each and every business face to face. We take the time to understand their business, their core values and what they are trying to achieve. Knowing their business allows us to create the EPOS solution that fits their business model. Our success only ever comes from your success.