Eat2Earn is the only online ordering platform that gives rewards to both business owners and customers.

Did you know that almost £20,000 is spent on takeaway food in the UK every minute! Over the next few years that figure is set to grow. This growth is being partly driven by the use of online and app-based ordering systems that make it easy for the customers to place and pay for their orders.

There are over 56,000 takeaways and restaurants in the UK that offer online food ordering. In comparison, there are more than 15.8 million online takeaway customers in the UK which is expected to grow.

Current Challenges

Many restaurants/takeaways who use online ordering services are struggling to make a profit because the systems are designed to squeeze as much money out of the process as possible. Most find they have to sell many more orders merely to catch up from where they started simply to cover the cost. Although takeaways would love to move away from these systems, many feel trapped and fear if they will lose customers who will move elsewhere.

The Solution

Akki Ahmed, founder of e2e, has run his own restaurant and takeaway service for the past 25 years. He has experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by takeaways who use online ordering systems. His solution was to create a fully compliant rewards based online and app ordering system that gives cashback to both the takeaway and customer for their part in helping to grow the network – e2e (eat2earn).

Our Aims

e2e aims to provide a service that will benefit everyone, while maintaining the high level of service customers and business partners have grown accustomed to. Behind the slick ordering portal lays a rewards structure designed specifically to encourage both customers and our business partners to share the service with others. Half the fees e2e receives are used for these rewards – our way of saying Thank you to the very people who have helped grow the network – and are paid every time a member orders food from a participating takeaway.

 How it works


Income Disclaimer

Proof of payment is no guarantee you will earn the same, but it would be possible to earn this and more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

Any earning figures shown are not a guarantee of income. Figures are presented for illustration purposes only.


  • 50% of e2e charges are distributed as cashback rewards – ‘commissions’ (25% for Customers & 25% for Takeaways and Affiliates)
  • The above chart assumes each business partner introduces two others to the network and sales are generated from e2e.
  • The figures used are purposefully conservative and assume just 100 orders are placed per takeaway a week and cost £15 each.
  • This means each takeaway earns £1,500 via e2e per week in revenue, for which e2e charges 15% (£225). Half of this is given back in rewards.
  • Points can be used to buy takeaways from any participating restaurant/takeaway on the e2e platform.
  • Alternatively points can be exchanged for cash and withdrawn via wire transfer or through a pre-paid card when available.
  • A minimum balance of £50 is required and is subject to an administration fee.


For more information please contact our eat2earn team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to start earning sign up here.